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I set up this blog so adjusters and contractors would have a place to go for infomation and training on Xactimate 27 and all its predecessors.

As powerful as the Xactimate software is, without some type of training it can become a double edged sword of sorts, making a mess out of everything that is put into it!

On this site you will find training resources, some freebie training videos, a place to post questions, a place to learn a few tricks about the software and many other features.

This site is affiliated with www.insuranceadjustertraining.net where we train Xactimate exclusively.

So, again I say welcome. Take a look around, watch a few videos, ask a few questions and learn, learn, learn.

Joel Yeatts

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Xactimate Tutorials - How to Download a Pricelist

This is a good tutorial from youtube, posted by Wardlaw claims. It shows how to download a pricelist in Xactimate.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Signing in on Xactimate 27 for the very first time

Signing into Xactimate 27 for the first time is not a difficult task, although it is a bit confusing.   Xactware still has not made the process as easy as it should be, in my opinion.

Once the software is loaded and you click the desktop icon, you should be automatically sent to the preferences...but you're not.   Instead, the login screen opens up with 'Owner' in the user Id spot, a blank in the password spot and either 'contractor' or 'carrier' in the profile spot.   If you have not been trained yet on the software, this can be very confusing.

I have made a two minute tutorial on how to log in to Xactimate for the very first time.  I hope it helps! I also have created several more short tutorial videos about some of Xactimate's features. (see those above this post in the Video Bar)

Joel Yeatts